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Anderson Cooper - Respect!

I will never hate on a guy for coming out of the closet. Regardless of your feelings on the gay population, all men should join me in rejoicing for Anderson making the total bro move and announcing proudly that he is gay. Life is a numbers game and for every extra guy playing for the other team, that just makes our girl-to-guy ratio that much sweeter my friends!

On top of that, Anderson came out for all the right reasons and didn't come out sooner for solid reasons too. One, he wanted privacy in his life. No problem with that. Two, he reported in a lot of warzones and other dangerous places. His take was that he would rather blend in and his religion, political views, and who he loves are not important public discussion topics. It is about being honest and fair as a reporter. Again, he nails it.

But his reason for coming out now was because he didn't want people to get the impression he was hiding something, ashamed, or afraid. That is totally bro, to stand up for what is right and shout down at the naysayers.

So for those reasons Anderson Cooper deserves and gets respect. He has always been a good reporter who did the dirty work and yet seemed to be respectful and professional at all times. You never had to worry about a Geraldo moment with Cooper on the job.

Of course now I also get to add him to the ranks of dudes who aren't competition anymore. For those who didn't know, Anderson Cooper had plenty of female admirers. Now he goes the way of Ricky Martin, Matt Bomer (Magic Mike and White Collar), Lance Bass, George Michael, and Neil Patrick Harris. All guys who had a bunch of women wanting them who are now left needing someone else.

Don't worry ladies; there are still plenty of straight men ready, willing, and able to fill those needs!

But for now let's give Anderson Cooper the respect he deserves for doing what he needed to do! While it is not really shocking or groundbreaking, it did take courage considering his public position and possible backlash from various people who are more closed minded about sexual preferences.