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...and then Kate Upton got Hotter

You would think it impossible; but somehow Kate Upton just blew the top off the hot girls thermometer in the Manwall offices. As if the SI Swimsuit issue wasn't enough of Kate Upton with those sexy photos to set the office sprinklers off. Plus she has been around on Jimmy Kimmel and other talk shoes promoting the shoot. But now we finally get the sexy video of Kate doing her thang with the Carl's Jr. Southwest Patty Melt.

Words simply cannot describe this sexy video and how well it cements Kate Upton's status at the top of the hot girls list.


Now I will say after watching this movie 12 times I noticed that ever single scene showing the Patty Melt has it completely intact and bite free. Somehow this disappoints me. After watching the sexy video another 17 times - I realized that I was being silly; who cares about the damn Patty melt.

In case you needed a little more of Kate Upton here is a nice video of her goofing around for SI and dancing, including her famous 'Dougie' moves.

If your head hasn't exploded yet (either one of them) from over Upton exposure, you can check out more hot girls in the Manwall Hot Girls section.