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Amanda Seyfried is one of our Hot Girls of February

We are closing out February with a special 'Leap Day' feature of the monthly hot girls section. Today we are featuring the lovely and talented Amanda Seyfried in honor of her movie release of the thriller Gone. While it is doubtful we will watch this movie, we still greatly respect the body of work (as well as the body) this young Hollywood Starlet has produced.

Enjoy the hot girls' gallery of some of Amanda's most fetching pictures.

Amanda is definitely an up and coming star. With her good looks and those amazing eyes, we can easily foresee continued opportunities to wow us on the big screen. So far she has a mixed bag of movies to her name including Mamma Mia!, Jennifer's Body, In Time, and Red Riding Hood. She had a few stinkers mixed in like Bag of Hammers, Dear John, Boogie Woogie, and Chloe - but a girl's gotta work.

But what really has the staff here at Manwall salivating is the upcoming release of Lovelace, Amanda's next starring role. She will be playing Linda Lovelace, the porn-star, in a true story about her life. While it will be a biography piece, we still have high hopes for how we will see the lovely Miss Seyfried.

until then, enjoy the hot girls' gallery of her!