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Action Heroes Don't Die: They Just Get Tune-Ups

A recent photo was released showing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in side by side hospital beds; it was immediately added to our board of funny pictures. Neither one was badly hurt, but just by chance after finishing filming on the upcoming Expendables 2 (which looks pretty damn good) and The Last Stand (which looks pretty crappy), Arnie needed a little tune-up before starting work on The Tomb, which co-stars Sly.

Apparently Sly needed a tune-up of his own. So what the hell does a 'tune-up' of one's shoulder entail? I mean if we strip back his skin are we going to see some Terminator style robotic parts? What do these guys do to themselves instead of growing old gracefully? Are their joints replaced with metal hinges?

Let's look at that hospital picture again. Arnie is 64 and Sly is 65. Not a single gray hair in sight. Both have pretty decent tans and Sly has a rather remarkable amount of ink showing. Both still sport some decent muscle and could easily kick the crap out of anyone at the AARP meetings. But they are starting to push the envelope on looking good for your age and hiding what you truly look like. Growing old should be done gracefully otherwise you make the Manwall board of funny pictures and we mock you endlessly.

Maybe someone should tell them that it is okay to show off some grey hair; it's distinguished after all. Also using steroid cycles and getting lifts and tucks all the time is a young man's game these days. Or if it gets too gray or balding just shave it all off like Bruce Willis. I guess in Bruce's case he was never the 'big muscle guy' so there is less pressure to keep the same figure. Ugh that last line sounds like we are talking about women, not our male action heroes.

Manwall compiled a gallery of a few of our favorite before and now pictures of some of our heroes. For the most part we just wish they would try and age a little more gracefully and find a comfortable spot between what they were and what they are acting like now. You will note we skipped Chuck Norris because seriously, that guy could easily still kick our asses.

What do you think of these funny pictures?