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A Philosophy for Everyman...How to Not Give a %&*$!

Not since the timeless world of "YES!", "Big Johnson", and Nike's "Just Do It!" has there been such a revolutionary philosophy sweeping the nation. But it is here my friends. If we could ask the world's most interesting man, no doubt he too would say that he follows this unique and special way of life.

The name itself is simplicity and beauty. Gentlemen, welcome to the idea of "How not to give a fuck - the Problem-Free Philosophy".

At first I was simply going to direct you all to this lovely website. But then I realized that then I would be giving too much of a F@$#. So I just copied the initial philosophy below. At first my editor was upset because he was worried about plagiarism. But then I reminded him that they wouldn't give a f$*& either so why should he and everything was fine.


Why should you not give a fuck?


·       There are so many things that you could be worrying about. Once you are done worrying about one issue, another arises. Will there ever be an end to this cycle? Why worry, when instead, you could just decide to not give a fuck.

·       Giving a fuck about issues that can’t be changed leads to nothing but misery. If we can’t change an outcome, rather than worrying about it, just make the appropriate changes. However, if nothing can be done worrying changes nothing and only results in stress.

·       We often give ourselves unrealistic expectations. If you have unrealistic expectations, your motivation to accomplish a task becomes reduced if you are unable to see yourself accomplishing it. More importantly, goals become unnecessary when you do your best. If you give it your best effort, you can’t possibly expect a different outcome than what actually happened. Furthermore, a goal will either limit your potential if set too low or reduce motivation if set too high. If you truly love what you do, the motivation to accomplish tasks is independent of failure. Continuing to give your best effort will come naturally and improvement is inevitable.

·       Won’t that lead to complacency? If you are fulfilled by watching TV, then yes you will be a bum. You may be motivated by saving endangered animals from a burning rainforest or killing noobs in Modern Warfare. For most of us there will be something that brings excitement to our day and this should motivate us to perform that particular task. If you do whatever it is that you love, persevering through failure and struggle won’t really feel all that horrible. After all, you are doing what you love. It is something you will continue to do regardless of success or failure and regardless of rewards or not. This drive is undying and will propel you to constantly improve. It does wither away when faced with defeat or obstacles. If what motivates you is something external, such as money or power, any setback will result in decreased motivation because you know that outcome is less likely to be realized.

·       Other people’s opinions do not matter. Other’s perceptions of you are based on their own experiences and are often inaccurate since they do not know you as well as you know yourself. So why should it matter if someone else thinks negatively of you? Your own opinion is the most important opinion of all and its weight should be heavier than the combined weight of every other opinion combined.

·       Your life will improve. We all want that right? Things you usually worry about will no longer concern you. Getting mad that YouTube places a 5 second ad before each clip shouldn’t enrage you nearly as much as before. When you rid yourself of these negative and unconstructive thoughts, you will be left in your natural state of happiness.

·       You will be more motivated to do what you have always wanted to do. Those irrational fears that prevented you from accomplishing your dreams are no longer present. You will act on your own impulses rather than feeling obligated to fulfilling someone else’s desires. Whatever it is you choose to do will lead to more happiness than if it was done for someone else.

·       You will have fun. You won’t be afraid to try new things. Think about all the opportunities you missed out on because you were afraid. You could have dated the model that smiled at you or visited that exotic country when you had the chance, but you were too scared to go through with it. If you avoided standup comedy out of fear of getting booed, then another comedy gig may not present itself to you. And these risks you open yourself up to can lead to more opportunities later on. If you play video games all day, you will never realize that maybe you get more of a rush by hiking a mountain.

·       You will broaden your horizons. You won’t be scared to try things that you probably should. You are no longer stuck in your comfort zone. You will try new things, you will have new experiences, expand your consciousness, you will open yourself to more opportunities, and your personality will grow. You won’t fear rejection when going to meet new friends, and subsequently you will make more friends (many of which will be better than the ones you currently have).

·       You will have more self-confidence. Whatever insecurities you have will vanish when you don’t give a fuck about being different or unique. Someone’s opinion of you is too minor to affect your mood.

·       You will have a more authentic personality. It will conform to who you truly are. You won’t be changing your personality based on what others think of you and you won’t be scared to stand for what you believe in and express who you are. Since you speak your mind without fear, those of a like-mind will naturally gravitate towards you and those that disagree will fade away.

·       You will have more honest interactions with your friends and family. These are the people who you need to be honest with as they are first ones to help you in a time of need. And you will have more meaningful conversations. You will get right to the point and say what you like and don’t like.

·       You will take control of your life. You won’t make excuses. You won’t waste your time with inconsequential worries and focus more on the important things that can improve your life