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Why It Pays Not to Burn Bridges

A new story came out recently that Terrell Owens is finally close to signing a deal to get back on the field and play in the league. After posting numerous videos showing that he was back to peak physical condition, it was just a matter of waiting for the right team to call. Obviously someone would want the services of an athletic and passionate receiver who had 72 receptions and 9 TDs last year. With all of the injuries around the NFL it was really just a matter of time right?


So who is the lucky team that gets to enjoy T.O.'s special brand of services? It looks like the Allen Wranglers have stepped up to the plate with a fat contract worth anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 plus ownership in the team. In case you aren't familiar the Wranglers are part of the Indoor Football League. We at Manwall can't decide which is more amazing, the fact that he would step down to the junior circuit to play (can his ego really handle that?) or that an Indoor Football League team has that type of money to give to a player (cha-ching).


This is why you should always act like a professional at work and not a petulant, spoiled little kid. Calling out every quarterback who ever threw you the ball (except Steve Young), constantly trying to focus the media on yourself no matter how inappropriate, while also disrupting every group you have been a part of is just not a winning long-term model for success in any arena. Arguably Owens can go down as one of the greatest receivers in the modern era. Unlike other players at his age who have dropped off considerably (yes YOU Ochocino - why did I draft you so high in my fantasy league??), T.O. seems to be a physical marvel who looks to easily be a solid option on the outside or across the middle.


Heck you know it is bad when his original team, the 49ers, are down to two healthy wide receivers and making a run at a Super Bowl and won't even bring the guy down for a workout. We at Manwall would like to wish the Wrangler's head coach, Patrick Pimmel good luck if they do sign Terrell. Hopefully with his experiences coaching the Nebraska Danger and Omaha Beef as well as the River City Rage, he should have no problem keeping Owens focused like a laser. I wonder if ESPN 8 "The Ocho" will start showing IFL games if he signs a deal? Only time will tell.