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Why Elaine Alden is one of our Hot Ladies of January

The Hot Ladies section here at Manwall is a special place to be. First of all you have to be a hot woman (obviously). But more than that, when the staff looks over the hundreds of candidates, there needs to be something special that sets a girl apart. We literally pour over every inch of each girl to determine who will make the Hot Ladies cut. It is very hard work that often times results in a quick cold shower to help maintain focus.

So what makes Elaine special to us? Yes she is a model. There are the fitness instructional videos that really make us want to do some vigorous exercise (followed by a nap). Joey Wright has done some very sexy photo shoots with her. This beauty is 24, blonde, and a lovely 5'9". Along with catalogs she is a MuscleTech endorsed athlete and has been in FHM, Bikini Destinations, and Intimates Lingerie. You want more? The Ms. Palm Beach has also done work with Nascar, Harley Davidson, and Calvin Ayre.

She is also a real person. Elaine dresses up her dogs in silly costumes and takes pictures of them. Also she seems to really like wearing knee high leather boots (woo!). Plus her fashion choices are always very nice (only a few women can pull off leopard skin so well). This lovely lady can be found at an NFL or NBA game (with really great seats). Basically she just seems like a fairly normal girl who also happens to be super hot!

That is what we love about our Hot Ladies; sexy as hell, a little hard work, and a real woman who has fun with life. So please enjoy the gallery we have compiled that shows off some of her best assets. Also if the loyal readers of Manwall have suggestions for women to include in our Hot Ladies section, start a manversation!