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Why Derek Jeter is Da Man

Who doesn't love Derek Jeter? He is a great ball player who works hard. There is a lot of notoriety playing for the New York Yankees. Sometimes the word icon is used to describe him. Currently he is the hottest bachelor on Broadway after splitting from Minka Kelly. On top of that, he is a truly caring individual.


A story came out today about a young boy who was randomly attacked in 2010. The judge that handled the case was a friend of Jeter's dad. The boy's mother told the judge that Derek Jeter was his favorite athlete when the judge asked. A few weeks later that kid had a nice fat Derek Jeter gift basket complete with autographed baseball and photo, his book, a teddy bear, and a magnet. That man is a saint! He also let the young lad and his mother watch a game in his private box at Yankee stadium. Needless to say that selfless action helped relieve a little of the trauma the poor boy endured.


But the giving doesn't stop there. Apparently it is not just traumatized youths who can obtain a little major league pick-me up from the Captain. Many a single lady has also been given this lovely gift basket as a parting gift after a long night in the dugout. Talk about your four star treatment! Not only do these ladies get wined and dined by the most eligible bachelor in Manhattan, but they also get a swag bag as well? That must make the walk of shame the next morning a bit awkward.


But oh no, there is no walk for the ladies of Jeter. He has a car waiting to escort them home. Door to door service, a teddy bear, and a book on Life Lessons; methinks the man gives too much. However he might want to look for a new assistant who handles his early morning "business". Apparently a at least one of the ladies has received more than one basket because the Captain had forgotten he had already hit a home run with her earlier in the season.