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What a surprise, Hasselhoff is officially linked to crabs!

Some days you can't stop the Hoff, you can only hope to contain him. By that we are of course talking about a new type of Yeti crab discovered living around the volcanic vents in the ocean off the coast of Antarctica. See, here at Manwall we occasionally provide some scientific information to our valued readers!

Some cheeky British scientists decided to name the crab after David Hasselhoff because when they saw its' chest hair they thought of Baywatch and its' hunky star.

When he was a little boy, who knew that young Davey would become so famous, such a phenomenon in the world that scientists would think of him first when naming a new species. Supposedly Tom Selleck is crying quietly somewhere, astounded that his well known chest hair was not in consideration.

While pictures of the Hasselhoff crab have yet to surface, compared to the millions of photos you can find of Hasselhoff with crabs, we are sure it will look amazing. The Scientific American stated that the crab's chest was like a 'garden of bacteria that likely provided it sustenance'. I guess it should be no surprise considering the bacteria that can often be found on Hasselhoff's chest after a long night of drinking, crawling around the kitchen, and eating a burger.

Bravo, David Hasselhoff. After launching to stardom with Knight Rider, it has been quite the wild ride. Aside from playing the world-wide sensation of Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch, he is also an accomplished singer, talent judge, and dancer. Of course everyone knows about his comedic chops and his natural ability to entertain us with his bevy of YouTube follies. But did you know he was also on the Young and the Restless and Kids Incorporated? The man has done Broadway for Pete's sake!

Now, his career finally has a fitting remembrance. Unlike the failed attention grabbers like HoffSpace (MySpace) and The Hasselhoffs (the Kardashians), and his Comedy Central Roast (which only roasts D level talent); the Hoff crab species is a testament to survival in the coldest of environments. The Hasselhoff crab truly has legs and will no doubt help keep the career of this great entertainer on the rise as his name becomes synonymous with weird little yeti-like shelled creates that wander somewhere nobody really cares about.