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What Guys Want for Christmas

Knowing what guys want for Christmas is so ridiculously easy. You can seriously just walk into Sears and head straight to the Craftsman section and most dudes will be doing back flips when they tear open that gift. But each year there are always a handful of gifts that are coveted by men everywhere because they are ridiculously sweet.

So what are these top "toys" for the grown man?

Hot Christmas gifts for guys in 2013

·       Wireless Speaker System - Wires? We don't need no stinking wires! Portable is where it's at and with pretty much everyone using a tablet or phone to either hold or stream music a guy has to have a sweet, portable speaker to rocker the party anywhere. Sonos, Bose, and Jawbone are all great options.

·       Craftsman Bolt-on Series - So speaking of Craftsman, have you seen the new bolt-on series? It is by far one of the sweetest tool set-ups ever that makes you feel like you are assembling a gun each time you swap out parts.

·       Camelbak Packs - Biking, running, hiking, winter, or daypacks...Camelbak has something for every occasion and their stuff is top of the line without breaking the bank. Staying hydrate has never been so cool.

·       QuickPod DSLR/POV - This is the ultimate kit for your camera to take the best videos of you doing whatever it is you like to do. It works great for taking self-photos on trips as well without looking like a "selfie".

·       Beats by Dre Studio Wireless - Do we really need to say more? The best headphones just got better by going wireless.

·       Grand Theft Auto V - This is the single most popular game of the year and this franchise has been nailing it for 16 years. Secondary nods go to Assassins Creed IV and Call of Duty Ghosts.

·       PlayStation 4 - Gotta play GTA, Madden and your other games on something, right? This system is off the hook and pretty much at top choice.

·       Xbox One - Not to play favorites. We mentioned the PS4 so the Xbox gets a mention as well. Really you can't go wrong getting either one unless you are one of those crazy gamers, but then you probably already have one.

·       Breaking Bad Complete DVD Series - Oddly a lot of people have not seen one of the best things ever made. It even comes in a sweet replica money barrel and as an exclusive alternate ending plus other cool perks.

·       Whiskey Stones - Whiskey is best served cold without becoming watery. These stones can be tossed in the freezer then into your drink to chill it down without diluting it. They work in soda and even in beer.

·       Braun Series 7 Shaver - Seriously, the best electric shave ever. This will make you never want to use anything else.

·       The Carnivore Club - This is an exclusive meat of the month club. It costs $50 per delivery but if you pair this with a beer of the month club you will be in freaking heaven.

·       Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme - An adjustable driver that will smack the crap out of your ball off the tee. Why not treat yourself to one of the best clubs on the market?

·       Bolt - A small wall charger and backup power supply for USB-powered devices. It is sweet and effective.

·       Artic Laser - The crew at Wicked Lasers basically made Star Wars a reality by making an actual light saber. While the stream isn't as thick, there is no tube, just a freaking beam!

·       Tasters Club - At you can join the whiskey of the month club where they send you the booze and teach you all about it using either bourbon or scotch.

These are our best bets for the best Christmas gifts for guys because pretty much everyone here at the Manwall office would be happy as hell to find them under the tree on Christmas day.