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Undercover Boss has some funny stories

If you aren't watching Undercover Boss then you are really missing out. Besides the episodes, which are good, there is also the after affects that tend to be some pretty funny stories. At least they are funny to those on the outside looking in!

The premise for the show is finding some rich CEO and having him 'infiltrate' his business at the ground level to 'see what it's really like'. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius and must have been mad at a previous employer. In almost every case these rich bastards can't handle doing basic tasks in their own businesses. The work is too hard, the breaks are too short, and it can be physically painful. Ain't real life a bitch?

It's funny that people are so unsuspecting of what is going on. Even if you have never heard of the show there is a friggin camera crew wandering around for days. Maybe something might be going on? What a crazy idea to look into it or be on better behavior. It would be a really funny story if a manager figured out what was going on and really gave "the boss" some seriously awful work as payback.

Seriously, if a boss has to go undercover then how much of a boss are they really? Why are all these clueless CEO's actually in charge when they don't understand the basic operations in the foundation of their business? Or is this just all 'reality TV' and not really true. Sadly it probably is true TV. There seems to be a common disconnect between the upper and the lower.

But some of the best funny stories come from these guys not being used to having every word caught on camera. Stephen Cloobeck, who is the CEO for Diamond Resorts, spent time in Las Vegas time shares he runs. Apparently this genius mentioned he would return money to unhappy timeshare owners on camera. Hey look, 100 some odd owners decided to follow up on that claim!

So now Cloobeck gets to put up or shut up which is just hilarious. Sure on the show he was passing out gifts at the end to show how awesome he is. But that is all preplanned TV shtick. This is real life and now we get to see if he is just another bottom line douche bag or the reformed owner who feels the pain of his employees and clients.

Good work Undercover Boss! Maybe the show is not working out as expected. But you have at least one fan who is enjoying these funny stories and the problems they are creating for CEO's with their heads up their asses.