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TnA Basketball Dennis Rodman Style

It was just a matter of time. First there was lingerie football. Next up was lingerie basketball. Then Spud Webb makes some noise about a topless basketball team. Since he runs a D-League team not many people paid attention. But, somehow the words 'topless' and 'basketball' got to Dennis Rodman's ears and boom the story has legs! Of course 'The Worm' is going to provide his expert knowledge of the game as coach for a New York based team.


Supposedly he dreamed up the idea after hearing about Spud Webb teaming up with Rick's Cabaret to launch a women's topless basketball league. Or he could have dreamed it up after a rough night of clubbing and realizing he was broke. In any event, Rodman was aghast! How could his favorite club, Headquarters Gentlemen's Club, not have representation in this expression of women's freedom league? Rodman, who has been a loyal member of the Gentlemen's Club for over 30 years, immediately began scouting talent.


"I don't know too many men that don't like a good-looking woman running up and down the court," Rodman said. While that may be true, some might think Dennis has a slightly jaded opinion considering his time spent wearing women's clothes. Of course the real question is how players will be selected. He was blunt in stating that only girls 5' 10" and taller will be able to join. But that type of blatant discrimination might lead some to believe that the league is not about good sportsmanship. Rumors have traveled wildly about the Manwall offices as to whether there will be a minimum cup size requirement and if they will have to show good ball handling skills.


Oh wait, it's going to be topless chicks running. It probably doesn't matter much what they are doing in between does it? After the team has been filled out then we can only hope they will make good on the promise of the charity game versus Rick's Cabaret and that it will be shown on pay-per-view.