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The ManGrate

Just when you think you have seen it all along comes a product like The ManGrate. Is January too soon to be talking about grilling? Heck no! We are men after all and we can grill 365 days a year, or 366 on a leap year.

So buckle up boys because it is about to get hot in here!

ManGrate first came to our attention when we watched a podcast of Norm MacDonald and he was hocking them for his on-air commercial. For those who have never watched a podcast, guys have to do their own commercials and read promo material word-for-word and when it is a comedian usually they will make fun of the product after a few readings.

First thing we noticed; holy shit has Norm gotten fat. I mean it looks like he ate John Lovitz at an SNL reunion episode. The second thing was that regardless of it being made fun of, this might be a solid piece of grilling equipment.

Made in the USA

Really do you need to know anything else besides 'Merica! Of course we just can't buy anything that has the made in America sticker on it because some people try and crap in a box and act like it is something useful. But then again we are men and men love anything that has to do with grilling.

So exactly wtf is a Man Grate?

Basically it is a grill (that they cunningly call a grate) which you lay over your existing grill. They are 15 inches long by 4 1/4 inches wide (which is an odd-ass size) plus 1 3/8 inches thick. You probably need more than one unless you like to grill small things a few at a time. You can't cook on them by themselves without some sort of existing grill setup to provide heat.

What does it do?

Hey it cooks meat! Of course compared to a normal grill (gas or charcoal) it cooks differently because the ridges trap fat that melts off the meat and he cast iron creates more of a radiant heat rather than convection style cooking. If you want to understand the difference between radiant heat and convection fucking look it up; I'm not Wikipedia.

But what that means in a nutshell is you will have less flame flare-ups (from the ridges trapping fat) and the meat will be cooked at a more even temperature similar to using larger indoor grills they have in big kitchens. The heat comes more evenly from below. This is really important when you are cooking so you can get it just right rather than overcooked and dry in some parts or rare in others.  Also the thickness of each rail is going to add some definitive grill marks on everything you cook.


Are there downsides?

I'm not going to short-sell you here on Manwall; we always tell it like it is. These grates are extra work. Since they are cast iron you need to season them with oil regularly and cleaned. Plus you are still going to have some drip down on the grill underneath which will need to be handled. It is not a ton more work but in general we are lazy bastards, especially after feasting on meat, so it needs to be said. Also those grates are heavy so you need to get used to toting them around and learning to set them up properly beforehand.

The other aspect is price. From their website, 2 grates and a brush are going to run you $82. That is pretty steep and you really need at least 2 grates for a small grill space. However for about $120 you can snag 4 grates and a brush which is a much better deal. Now for some guys who might have only spent $120 on a grill this can seem pricey, but you need to look at it as an investment to be used for many years.

The bottom line

Regardless of what Norm MacDonald might say, at Manwall we are all about the ManGrate. For steaks it gets a nice even cook and those grill marks look sexy as hell. The grate really reduced flare-ups which is huge, unless you like those occasional blackened marks. Chicken was a little bit tricky with smaller pieces, but bigger, thicker pieces went on just right.

After we got used to the slightly longer prep time for seasoning and warming up the irons, the entire office was able to enjoy some playoff football BBQ thanks to the ManGrate. You need to check it out before spring so you can barbeque like a boss this year.