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Snooki Busts out Bikini Photos

In true Jersey Shore style, Snooki posted a couple of pictures on Facebook showing off all the work she gas put in at the gym lately. Who doesn't get tan and put on a bikini in December right? For good measure she made sure to tweet the Bikini picture just to make sure everyone saw it. While I will readily admit that she has put some solid work in and looks much better than she did before, the real question is do any of us guys really care?


News outlets who first posted the story made reference to her as the 'pint sized diva'. Really? I was amazed to find out she has 3.8 million followers on Twitter. Honestly I have never met a guy who says, "Oh my god, Snooki is so hot!" In the bikini picture she does look okay. But I still think she has skinny legs and a flat butt to go with that year round tan.


So what is the true story behind all of these D-list stars who keep trying to capture our attention? Why do we keep reading and perpetuating the cycle? It is time to say enough is enough. Really we have to draw the line somewhere. From now on I will only check out Snooki in a bikini if she keeps her current shape. But I won't watch any of that Jersey Shore show, because I just can't stand listening to her talk. She is one of those girls that is better seen, and not heard. The same goes for the rest of that group; bikini pictures or nothing!