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Sexy Photos of the Week


Sexy photos are all over the internet. Luckily at Manwall we have loyal readers who love to post pictures of wives, girlfriends, and one-night stands. But every once in a while it is our turn to give back to you, the loyal Manwall subscribers. So we passed the collection plate around the office and everyone contributed their favorite image to our sexy photos bin.

The general rules for the weekly pictures are that each person had to find a girl who is not a professional model. Why? Because as awesome as Brooklyn Decker is (so so very awesome!), we want to show you some girls that you don't see. Some of the best sexy photos are those girls that could live down the street.

Feel free to vote on your favorite in the comments below. We have an office pool set based on views and votes from our Manwall subscribers. The winner gets a fat steak lunch and the loser (least number of views and votes) has to pay for it.

So take your time looking over our sexy photos. Consider every angle carefully. There is a lot at stake here for some of us!