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Sanchez has gone uptown with Kate Upton

Finally the football world can relax; now we all understand what has caused unrest with Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets. It is not a case of him lacking a certain skill set as a quarterback to ever reach elite status. It is simply a matter of him dating Kate Upton. Reportedly he has been hooking up with her after games and before practices.

First of all the entire staff of Manwall would like to give Mark Sanchez a big high five, a fist bump, and a bro hug. Holy crap - he is hooking up with Kate Upton! But on a series side, Sanchez is on my fantasy football team, is it a wise idea to be snuggling up with the current hottest model on the planet after games and before practices? I am sure he can easily forget about throwing a few picks and losing the game when he knows that she will be waiting for him for some "comfort". A little pre-practice shenanigan really should help with his focus. Mark won't be so tense thinking, "I can't wait to get out of practice and get home!"

To be more scientific about this 'star football player - hot model hook-up' situation we are looking at other recent case studies to draw conclusions. Factually speaking, we do not have a solid timeline on the Mark Sanchez - Kate Upton dating so it is hard to draw solid conclusions on his performance. Would it be fair to say she was watching the November 27th game where he tossed 4 TDs? Was he just impressing her on December 11th with that gaudy 121.3 QB rating while rushing for 2 TDs? Perhaps he stinks on the road because he just misses her. Let's compare with a few other notable situations this year.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari - Last season and this year, Jay's performance had been up and down. But after he got back together with Kristin at the end of October (after posting a horrible game with a 46.7 QB rating), Jay hit his stride posting an average QB rating of 90 and going 5-1. But then amid rumors of his girl having an affair he breaks his finger and is done for the season.

Tim Tebow and ??? - I will give Tebow big props for keeping his girlfriends on the down low. Maybe because he is supposed to be a virgin he tries to be more secretive. Or perhaps the guy is just that humble while dating these uber hot chicks (lucky bastard). He might be dating Lucy Pinder (goddamn! oh sorry Tim) or maybe Lindsey Vonn (nice). Either way his performance has been nothing but spectacular. Sure half the time he drills the ball into a cameraman instead of a wide open receiver, but chicks dig winners!

Tom Brady and Gisele - The Golden Boy can do no wrong. Big money, Super Bowl Rings, awesome QB, super hot wife, and no let down. Tom was great before he met her (and was dating other hot women) and still great afterwards. If anything because she is so awesome he excels, knowing if he kicks ass at work he gets some nice down time.

Rob Gronkowski and Bibi Jones - The Gronk made some news in October with his photos of him and porn star Bibi Jones. Nice. So what does hooking up with a porn star get you these days? A lot of Manwall respect and just one of the best seasons by a tight end in the history of the NFL (just behind Mike Ditka). Since those pics when out, Rob has been insane with over 700 yards and 10 TDs in 8 games. Maybe his brothers Chris and Dan should find some playmates to help elevate their play?


Bottom Line

Apparently hooking up with insanely hot women is very productive for most football players. It seems as long as the relationship is healthy and she keeps him happy then the good times roll on the field. Perhaps more NFL clubs should take that into consideration when they have a struggling star.