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I am utterly amazed that it has taken the staff over at Manwall over a month to find out about this amazing site call Now before you all start typing that bad-boy into your browser, be forewarned! This site is very much NSFW.

Not sure why I am still typing as most people have already pulled up PinSex and will be lost to us for the next hour. Yes...the site is that good. Literally we had to close the office early on the day we found out about this site because nobody was doing anything considered "work related" after the word spread like Pamela Anderson on a Playboy shoot.

For those of you stuck in the office we shall continue to talk about the world of! PinSex, and its sister company, PinGay (or is that a brother company?) are a combination of social networking and porn. It is based on the same model as Pinterest, although completely unrelated. You can share, pin, re-pin and do all that other crap plus the site has a store and videos.

It is sexual pin-bliss!

PinSex is Amazing

Why is this site so damn enjoyable? The answer is a combination of things. First the layout is simple yet effective. Tile after tile of sex with their ads slipped into various frames without being overly distracting. Next, you can just keep scrolling! It is like the tits and ass will never end...or at least will last longer than I ever do...

Of course that is just the basics. If you hit the categories button you can then open a menu and pick and choose every little thing that does it for you such as my current selection of Athletic, Big Tits, Blonde, Ex-Girlfriend, MILF, Oil, Masturbation (don't judge me). They have videos, a porn star section, top pins, and top collection. Plus after you sigh up (and you will) you can start pinning your favorites.

Last but not least is the quality. There is an amazing mix of fresh-faced girls mixed with young women in artistic poses, models, and amateurs. It is just a ridiculous amount of high quality images, GIFs and videos to have access to in a single site... and it loads quickly.

I have seen the future and it is PinSex

While YouPorn, PornHub and many of the other porn and cam sites are nice, new is always better. So far PinSex has had limited intrusion by the mainstream sites. That in itself is refreshing because as almost every guy can attest to needing something different in the spank bank now and again.

So when you can, take a little stroll on Plan ahead, free up a block of time, lock the door, draw the shades and enjoy.