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Manwall's Rules for Wingmen


Being a wingman is not always an easy job. You have lowered expectations for your night ending up within the passionate embrace of a woman. But, while you might not be collecting those digits, you are collecting plenty of bro credits. As most men know, those are redeemable at any time and can be worth their weight in gold.

Are you new to the wingman concept? No worries. We here at Manwall have taken some time to provide some of the best rules for wingmen to help you out. When it involves women, there is also more to learn. But, Manwall's rules for wingmen are a good starting point for the best way to help out your bro.


·       Embrace the Wingman concept. You are Goose, not Maverick. You are Slider, not Iceman. It is your solemn duty to provide the set-up and the assists. For this game you are the point guard while he is the power forward looking for the easy lob. Your bro trusts you to have his back (and will owe you big time) so make sure you got him.

·       No Fear. There is no shame that is too great (almost). I'm also sure that every girl has some lovely qualities no matter what she may look like. That guy trying to cockblock your bro probably isn't that tough. Your reputation lies in how you helped you friend, not that you woke up next to Shrek's sister.

·       Never talk yourself up. Your job is to make him look good. No matter how great he is, if you make yourself sound better, you just failed. In any team one guy is always Batman and the other is Robin. You are just there for support and the occasional helpful line.

·       Don't oversell. There is a reason people don't like car salesmen. You don't want to be selling something especially a guy they haven't met. If you are playing icebreaker make sure to wait to talk about your bro until after he has arrived. Otherwise it is quite obvious what you are doing.

·       Go with a 5 Minute Rule. If you are acting as the icebreaker, make sure he doesn't follow in behind too quickly. Have him give you a good five minutes to start a good conversation before coming into the picture. This prevents the guys from overwhelming the girls too quickly. Your friend can be waiting to arrive, in the bathroom, getting drinks, or whatever. Just make it natural.

·       When you bring the guy in always make sure you let them know he is your friend. Social situations can be crowded. An introduction lets the girls know who the new guy is. Again, it needs to be natural and not him hovering around waiting for the intro. Something like, "My friend Tom is around here somewhere (looking), oh there he is," followed by the wave in.

·       Always introduce boy to girls. This is just old school class. It should be, "Tom, I would like you to meet..." If you go with introducing the girls to your friend it sends the wrong message about who is important. You should also be able to provide a point of commonality for your friend and the girl to talk about if you did the icebreaking successfully and know something about her.

·       Get creative. Sometimes shooting from the hip is necessary. It goes down to split second reactions based on analysis. If you need to talk up your boy because of his crazy dance moves and you can tell she would be interested, then do it. While it is good to go in with a plan, don't be afraid to wing it.

·       Stick together. As Maverick said, "I'm not leaving my wingman." Just because things are going well you cannot bail. If you do the math; 2+2 = 4 but 4-1 = 3. That odd number means trouble for your buddy because the girl is not going to bail on her friend that quickly.

·       Leave together. If you are trying to move to someplace quieter or anything else it needs to be a group effort. When the girls commit to going with you both that is a good sign of interest but you still cannot bail. More than likely you will be needed to keep the girl company until hopefully you give her a ride home.


Being a good wingman is mostly about being a good friend. Understanding women, being charming, and being fun are all valuable aspects; but at the end of the night you are really just being there for your bro. That is the number one rule out of all the rules for wingmen.