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Lindsay Lohan has finally got all the right moves

It was a long time coming but it looks like that day might finally be here. After being teased with the Playboy photos, Lindsay Lohan is quickly back again as the new spokes model for Jag Jeans. Luckily for us guys, Jag apparently specializes in teeny weenie little shorts made of jean material. Manwall is now on the mailing list for a catalog.

This has been a moment years in the making. Lindsay used to be that cute little kid in those Disney movies. Then she became the kind of funny, but a little awkward tweener whom we still liked. But the Lohan train wreck rolled into town full of crappy movies, drinking, drugs, and overly provocative behavior. Obviously she was confused and so were we. Was it okay to look at her pictures with our manly eye? It felt a bit wrong because obviously she was out of control and just a bit too close to those Disney years to not feel just a little creepy.

But now, fresh of the Playboy shoot, Lindsay Lohan provides more sultry looks with a rocking body that has just captured our attention. Now we can ignore her boozing dad, attention grabbing mom, and finally focus on the important things; Lindsay is 25 and looks hot! With a new movie on the way in 2012, community service getting done, and hot new photos for us to look at, we at Manwall would like to say, "Thank you Lindsay."

Gentlemen, salute!