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Life Lessons from Sons of Anarchy

TV shows have become teachers to the younger generations, offering up wisdom and guidance along with a dash of cool that actual parents or other role models simply can't seem to match. Much like the Break Bad phenomenon, the Sons of Anarchy have quietly become a show that fans loyally follow each week. From this we have gleaned a handful of life lessons from the Sons of Anarchy that most certainly apply to leather clad bikers along with anyone else.

Sons of Anarchy Life Lessons

·       Being able to do a convincing accent of any type is an invaluable skill. Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax, is British for Pete's sake and sounds like he grew up in Barstow, California. Aside from his acting work it has to be pretty handy to be able to sound like a native while in a foreign country.

·       Raising hell seven days a week can really wear a guy out. How exhausted would you be leading that lifestyle? You are kicking ass, shaking people down, going on rides because you need to get somewhere and shoot someone rather than just to enjoy the ride. The lesson here is that everyone needs a vacation; all work and no play makes Jack an uptight asshole or in the case of SoA, makes for a lot of grumpy bikers.

·       Even in a biker gang, being the intern sucks. There are few actual careers where being the intern seems to pay dividends and Wall Street seems to have them all. Other than that all intern jobs suck. "Prospects" as they are called on Sons of Anarchy get to enjoy fun games like Russian roulette to prove their loyalty. So if you are an intern, keep your head down and do your job quietly and efficiently.

·       Looking like you are about to tear someone's head off and acting slightly unhinged seems to get real results. If you can learn to channel that perpetual scowl that Ron Pearlman uses playing Clay then people are probably not going to think of you as a pushover. Make sure to try that at the next office meeting or when the boss is about to ask you to work the weekend.

·       Learning how to fight seems like a good idea. We aren't talking about taking a few self defense classes at the YMCA but actually learning something serious like ju-jitsu that really teaches you how to hold your own. Because when the shit hits the fan and people are throwing bottles or using pool cues as weapons knowing how to fight is the difference between walking out of the room or being dragged out of the room.

·       Very few people can properly pull off a vest. It doesn't matter if we are talking a vest as part of a three-piece suit, a fleece vest or those awful plaid ones people wore in the 80's. With that being said, if you don't ride a hog and aren't a badass, don't try and wear a leather biker vest, especially ones that say "Sons of Anarchy" on the back.

·       There are people who observe and those who do; know your role. Pretty much everyone that watches this show wouldn't survive being in a biker gang because we aren't cut out for that type of crazy sociopath lifestyle, but it sure is fun to watch.

There are probably some more valuable life lessons from Sons of Anarchy we could touch on, like always kill a snitch and carry at least two extra clips to your gun, but in a way those are also like common sense.