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Katy Perry is No Longer Branded

In a shocking surprise to probably nobody, Russell Brand has filed for divorce from his wife Katy Perry. Typically most young Hollywood marriages end in a divorce. But at least in this case it was done without any sort of huge spectacle. A few rumors of trouble in paradise and then a quick statement ended another Hollywood "love" story.


So why do these people always have an incessant need to tie the knot? As many of us married men well know, marriage is hard work and can be a pain in the ass at times. Yet countless guys marry these incredibly hot women and then shortly afterwards drop them. As a non-celebrity I can only shake my head and think, "You sir are an idiot!"


Let's look at the facts. Russell is 36 years old and while still an attractive man based on his raucous playboy image and having a solid British accent (which the ladies love), he is somewhere near his peak. With a few good movies under his belt this comedian is probably near the top in terms of coolness and the ability to snap his fingers and pick up any girl.


On the other hand Katy Perry is 27, perky, and quite on the rise with her musical career. For Pete's sake she has over 37 million likes on Facebook (compared to just over 1 million for Brand). Plus have you seen her in that Elmo shirt? Unless her bubbly personality is a complete act or she is downright awful in bed (we at Manwall sure hope not) then what in the hell was Russell thinking? Did he have a Federline moment and actually think he was going to do better?


Gentlemen at some point every man needs to "Know when to hold 'em". Sure if you are Brad Pitt then you can get away with dumping a Jennifer Aniston because you know that you can nab an Angelina Jolie. But for just about everyone else maybe it is time to realize what you have and put forth a little effort to keep it. But the bright side is that Katy is back on the market and probably in need of some manly consoling to let her know that everything will be all right. Anyone have her number handy?