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Johnny Walker Likes Big Girls

One of the Manwall regulars posted a lovely picture of a full bodied woman pouring a cocktail. His posting title of 'Johnny Walker likes big girls' was provocative enough to make us take notice. More investigation was going to be required.

Does the esteemed Mr. Walker only like big girls? We shall guess he liked other types of girls as well. A true gentleman does not discriminate. Do we not lot a variety of cuts of steak? We do not always pick the New York Strip steak at the restaurant. Some nights we want a thick cut of Prime Rib while other times a well prepared flank steak leaves us drooling for more.

So let us look at the bigger girls. Curvy, full-bodied, ample, and stacked are just a few ways to describe this certain female body type. My personal preference is hourglass. Kim Kardashian is a classic example of a nice figure that is 'ample' in all the right places. Why does Manwall embrace Titty Tuesdays? We do it because a woman with a curvy figure is to be honored and admired.

It is probably more of a genetic aspect of attraction than anything else. When a woman approaches what draws our eyes more than anything else? "No, my eyes are up here!" What is the first thing we watch as she walks away? That answer is not what kind of shoes she is wearing gentlemen. The term 'badonkadonk' was written in the Urban Dictionary and used as part of a song title for a reason. Let's take a minute for a proper shout out to Trace Adkins for that Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. He channeled some serious Mix-a-lot with that country flair.

So gentlemen, raise your glasses for a toast to the full-bodied girls. Then afterwards you set the glass on her shelf.