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Hot Girls at the Miss America Contest


Hot Girls at the Miss America Contest


It is basically a beauty contest so of course you are going to have some hot girls. But it sure seems like they really have a lot of substance these days. It is rather nice that the focus seems to be a bit more on 'the girl next door' versus just hot girls with big boobs. Not that we at Manwall have anything against big boobs. In fact we generally like to have anything we can against big boobs. But sometimes a guy just needs some variety.

The Miss America Contest is actually getting better to watch as well. They made it into more of a reality TV format and of course have the super knowledgeable judges like Kris Jenner, Lara Spencer, and Mark Ballas. Plus the judges had a little hotness as well with the lovely Teri Polo. The ladies get to show us how they present in a gown, show us some talents, and of course those hot girls slip into tasteful bikinis to show us what they have going on.

However I still skip the speeches part (thank you DVR). But luckily in the highlights I got to see the full on coolness of the new girl-next-door Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler. This is one ballsy chick. She is from Wisconsin and when she introduced herself to the audience she said, "If you're watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me." Wow that girl has got game!

Usually with gorgeous girls there is that snobbish, "I'm better than you," vibe; but not the newly crowned Miss America. She calls out the guy she wants and then like a true baller, slams out the win and takes the crown. Great eyes, nice smile, and a sweet crown to match that awesome championship belt Rodgers has.

It sounds like, with any luck, this pageant is only going to get better (at least for the male audience). They have a goal to make the event more modern, and as producer Mike Fleiss said, "super sexy and hot". That guy Mike is completely on the right track as most of us at Manwall agree. Sexy girls mean we pay attention. Come on, it's hormonal!

"To be more relevant, she has to be hot. She can still be a role model and be super sexy, "he added.

Amen brother! The Miss America contest needs to be more relevant like the Hooters Pageant! We need chicks with brains and personality that can be a representation of their state and country as well as appearing in David Lee Roth videos. That seems like a worthy goal.