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Crazy about Porn from XNXX and YouJizz

Here are some staggering numbers to digest. Two of Manwall's favorite sites for free movies get over 128 million global hits per month. Seriously, 128 million hits are going to watch porn at XNXX & YouJizz. Holy shit! Having just completed a top 10 list of free porn sites, we at Manwall were amazed. You would think with all that traffic the porn at XNXX & YouJizz would be slow, but those videos still streamed nice and fast; at least according to our tedious research.

Just looking around the office we counted 14 people who more than likely log on once a day (but never at work unless it is for is research in case HR reading this). Simple math says that is 70 views a week and 280 per month; not including a few peeks over the weekend. So let's just round that up to an even 300 for our office. So 128 million divided by 300 (carry the 4 and round up) equals 426,667 offices of people just like us looking at porn almost every day. You could also say that is like 4.26 million people are logging on everyday each month to check out the porn at XNXX & YouJizz.

In fact you probably stopped reading by now to surf them for a bit before continuing to read this article (which is 50-50 depending on if you take a nap afterwards).

That number is absolutely staggering. That is like the entire state of Kentucky logging on each day to whack it for a while. They are both definitely good sites. Not a single staff member raised their hand when asked if they didn't like either site. In fact most responses involved giving them "another few minutes to come to a decision'.

So what makes these two sites so damn watchable? Obviously they have fantastic and memorable names. YouJizz is simple and descriptive. You are never going to say, "Uh what was that site again?" XNXX is a little weird, but that the same time it is like Triple-X to the Nth degree. Plus their fast load times, quality movies, and lots of variety does it for us every time (and apparently for 4.26 million other people each day).

If you haven't taken the time to check out the porn at XNXX & YouJizz by now then it is a good bet you will be at home later. It's okay; if we hadn't spent the last 3 hours on the site then we would be too.