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The Presidential Race gets Real

You know how you can really tell when a presidential election gets serious in the U.S.? It's when the celebrity endorsements start rolling in that you can tell things are getting real. While there will always be those 'sheep' that vote for someone because their personal idol endorses them, I look at celebrity endorsements as more of a status symbol or coolness factor if you will. That is why so far in this election season President Obama is kicking serious tail in the coolness polls.

Before any readers get their undies in a bunch let me be very clear; I'm not a hardcore political guy and this article is not trying to sell either candidate. You can vote for whoever you want to and for whatever reason you want to. If the goat in the backyard convinced you that writing in for Ralph Nader is the smart choice, by all means have it.

Nope, we are just discussing the coolness factor of our candidates.

Jay-Z's Public Service Announcement

I really have no idea how the Romney camp will respond to this recent mega-ton bomb that the Obama camp dropped this weekend. Jay-Z was hosting his 'Made in America' concert to raise money for the United Way. The concert was in Philadelphia and HOVA opened the show by doing his Rocky impression running up the steps of the Philly Museum of Art. He started with his song Public Service Announcement before showing a pre-recorded video of the current president encouraging people to vote, endorsing Jay-Z for his personal 'Made in America' story and mentioned that he listens to Jay on his iPod.

Game. Set. Match.

Seriously how much cooler and more American can you get at that point? The concert is promoted by Budweiser, the big American beer company. Ron "Don't call me Richie Cunningham" Howard is filming a documentary during the show. The show itself is in Philly and Jay-Z was straight bringing it. Obama really upped his coolness factor by mere association with Jay-Z who is one of the coolest cats on the planet; the iPod mention was a little icing on the cake.

The Romney Response

So what does Mitt do to fire back? Sure he could pull out Clint Eastwood again or grab Ted Nugent but neither of them quite as the same level of name dropping as Jay-Z. Keep in mind, Jay-Z's concert was an all-star event with crazy Kayne, Run DMC, Pearl Jam, and Drake, so totting out a couple of old dudes probably won't cut it. Clint is still a badass and I love his movies but he's not an A-lister anymore.

After racking my brain I realized that Mitt needs to go all out to recapture the cool vote. First he needs to crash the red carpet and get some face time with notable Republicans like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Willis. He missed the boat a bit with the Expendables II premier but maybe he can latch on to that gravy train somehow.

Next he needs to get LL Cool J to have a quick comeback concert with 50 Cent. During that show Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson can smell what is cooking which is big Mitt. Finally he needs an entourage of cool people. The ringleader will be Vince Vaughn (yeah I was surprised he is a republican too) and he will be partying with Adam Sandler, Rachel Hunter, Sarah Michelle Geller, and Shannen Doherty. Just because he can't drink doesn't mean that a nice Mormon boy like Mitt can't get down!

Last but not least, any other political ads should be voiced by either Kelsey Grammer or James Earl Jones because not only do they have awesome voices, but they are also republicans.

Now I have no idea how that would really play but you have to admit, it sure would make this race a whole lot more interesting to us average people.