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2012 on TV

A new year equals new programming to keep us on the couch after the game ends. Plus with the lull in sports during the early part of the year (sorry NBA, but you pissed us off with that lock-out) we need to look for things to pick up that slack. So what has our interest peaked so far?


New Ones:

Angry Boys - This one will be on HBO in January and is right up our alley. Chris Lilley is an Aussie who does lots of characters and likes to screw with people much like Sacha Baron Cohen. We can't wait!

Alcatraz - J.J. Abrams has really gotten good at launching a new series on an interesting premise with cool sci-fi/suspense. Apparently the worst criminals from 1963 disappeared back in the day and are now popping back in our current time. Added bonus is that Sarah Jones is cute.

Awake - This show is scheduled to launch in March and we at Manwall are fully enticed. It is a drama but centered on a police detective who is stuck in two realities. In one his wife has died and in the other his son. The trailer looks pretty awesome and if you are going to watch a drama, this beats the crap out of others we have seen.


Did you Miss it?

Justified - Okay this isn't a new show, but one of FX's oddly scheduled runs that for some reason a lot of people haven't caught on with. This is a must see show. Basically the main character is a U.S. Marshall who ends up shooting people and sleeping with the occasional lady all in a very polite, southern style while stuck in the boon dogs.

White Collar - This is another good new show that USA runs on an odd schedule. Master criminal thief teamed with a conservative FBI agent makes for a good hour. Who doesn't like to learn a new con? The ladies can usually get into it as well.

Franklin & Bash - This comedy-drama is pretty damn entertaining and a must on the Manwall list. Plenty of unique characters and their completely unrealistic ways of winning a case is way better than watching Law and Order.

Walking Dead - This is another in progress series on AMC that has flown under the radar. It is a total horror sci-fi series. Who doesn't love zombies?


What are you looking forward to seeing?