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10 Reasons we Love hot girls like Elizabeth Banks

Hot girls like Elizabeth Banks are special. There is just something about women who are that pretty but still have a girl-next-door quality about them. Here at Manwall we really appreciate that in a big way. So in honor of her Man on a Ledge movie release we decided to list the 10 Reasons why we love you Elizabeth Banks.

1.     The bathtub scene from the 40 Year Old Virgin (wow!)

2.     The first time we saw you in Wet Hot American Summer (which in retrospect has a pretty star studded cast of people who were just starting out back then)

3.     Your sense of humor

4.     There are girls and then there are hot girls - you are one hell of a hot girl

5.     That dazzling smile

6.     Appearing in all 3 Spiderman movies

7.     Being a hot bartender/football fan in Invincible (best kiss nomination - nice)

8.     Being so damn funny in W., Role Models, Scrubs, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and every other role you do.

9.     For your ability as a triple threat shown clearly in Man on a Ledge (sexy, action, and comedy)

10. You don't show them off enough, but amazing legs


There has always been and always will be something special about hot girls like Elizabeth Banks. She has those qualities we find so damn attractive in a woman like a great sense of humor, big smile, and willingness to put it all out there. We at Manwall salute you!