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10 CDs Every Guy Should Have


In this digital MP3-player age it might seem weird to read an article about the 10 CDs you must own. But there is a good reason for this. As cool as Pandora, iTunes, or the many other options you might have for music, they aren't always as versatile as having a few truly great CDs.

Road trip? Grab a few CDs for the ride. Hot date coming over (or you are going to her house) means having a good CD is really handy and a bit less cheesy then her seeing your 'make-out mix' tag on your MP3 player. So let's take a look at the top 10 CDs that every guy should own and then I will tell you why they must be in your collection.

Top 10 CDs to Have

1.     Metallica - Black Album: The absolute best album Metallica ever made and quite possibly the finest metal album of all time. Yes, Ride the Lightning was a close second, but I prefer the broader range of this album.

2.     Van Halen - 1984: Eddie Van Halen at his best with 3 of the top songs ever made including the incomparable Hot for Teacher.

3.     Marvin Gaye - What's Going On: Uh yeah, hello date night!

4.     Led Zeppelin - Zeppelin IV: The best of the best in regards to 70's rock with "Stairway to Heaven" and "The Battle of Evermore".

5.     Frank Sinatra - Sinatra at the Sands: Frank is classic and cool. If you want to show off that you have style and taste then play this album which is simply his finest live album. The nice thing about Sinatra is he is so versatile for many different occasions.

6.     Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon: Great for just chilling out, road trips, or really anything you want to do.

7.     The Doors - The Doors: Classic songs like "Break on Through" and "Light My Fire" started a new era of music.

8.     Bob Marley - Legend: Marley is the master of cool grooves and this is his best album. A good neutral choice for an afternoon barbeque.

9.     Eric Clapton - The Cream of Clapton: Well he is a guitar god and this is a best of album with nothing but awesome songs. Duh.

10. Dave Matthews Band - Crash: These guys are one of the best jam bands around and should be considered the current generation's version of the Grateful Dead.

Every single one of these albums features songs that everyone knows. The reason they all make the list is because you can easily play all the tracks without getting bored because the music is timeless. Even if you only have these 10 CDs in your collection, you should feel confident that you have appropriate music for any occasion.