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10 Awesome Things to Do this Summer

10 Awesome Things to Do this Summer


That's right; Spring is here which means Summer is on its way. With that in mind you need to start prepping for those summer plans. Not doing anything memorable? You should be. There are only so many summers in your life so you need to take advantage of each and every one of them!

To help you out we have a list of 10 awesome things you can do this summer. Try 1 or all 10 and make it a legen.......wait for it.......dary summer.

10 Awesome Things

1.     Tosh Tour 2012 - One of our favorite comics, Daniel Tosh, will be ripping his way across the states on his 2012 tour. The last tour was hilarious and he really brings it every night. Word of warning, don't try and heckle him because he jumps on you.

2.     Van Halen Tour 2012 - Who knows how much more juice the boys have in them? They are still young enough to bring it and not old enough to be playing acoustic. Make sure you get some VH in this summer because you never know when rehab will happen.

3.     Summer Olympics - It's going down in London this year. Now if you have the money then it is an awesome trip. Honestly London is a cool spot because they all speak English and you can eat all your meals in pubs, which means beer and fried food.

4.     Lollapalooza 2012 - It's happening in Chicago and this year will headline with Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Black Keys, and Jack White plus like 120 other bands. This will be a seriously great few days of music in a cool town to visit.

5.     Aerosmith Tour - Yeah it is official, the boys are running the table this summer with Cheap Trick. That is a pretty good one-two punch for some great rock. Both these bands are great live and they are touring all across the U.S.

6.     U.S. Open - This is a great golf event to watch live. With nice weather it is a competitive setting to see some of the best in the world. While not quite the same as Augusta, there is also less formality so grabbing a few brews is not as frowned upon.

7.     U.S. Open - Tennis anyone? The U.S. Open is the premier tennis event in our country every year. The best in the world come out for this Grand Slam event and other than Wimbledon; this is probably the next best event to see.

8.     Summer Baseball - Is there a better time to catch a great baseball series? Or better yet a nice road trip and hit as many parks as you can in a week. With day and night games going on that sounds like one hell of a good time.

9.     Brewery Tour - This one you have to make up yourself. Forget the wine tours, go for brew tours. Pick a few spots with great breweries and start your traveling. It might take all summer, but it sounds like a great way to spend a month or two!

10. White Water Rafting - Danger, adventure, Bro's, camping, cooking over the fire, and of course a celebratory beer or two. Yeah, we can dig that kind of trip. With so many great places to go, why would you not want to do this over the summer?